Monday, May 7, 2012

Laika by Nick Abadzis

Plot: This graphic novel is based on the true story of a dog sent to outer space in the Russian rocket Sputnik II. Nick Abadzis added fictional details as well as beautiful drawings to blend several perspectives of the story. Laika and the humans in her life will capture your heart.

First Line: "I am a man of destiny... I will not die."

Comments: I loved this graphic novel. I don't read many, but the wonderful story held my rapt attention through the last page. Initially the drawings of the people seemed unusual to me, but I came to appreciate the raw emotions portrayed through simple lines. The story itself was sweet, adventurous, and a heartbreaking reality check. I learned about the dog Laika through the people surrounding her and the lives that she touched. Not only did I care for Laika, but also for the human characters, especially the dog handler Yelena. Watching Yelena struggle between her duty to her country and her love for Laika was painful, yet clear and truthful. Laika is a truly beautiful story.

Rating: I rate this graphic novel a ten out of ten.

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  1. High praise, dear daughter! I may have to read this... ; )