Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

This is a true story.

Plot: In 1933, an emaciated Greg Mortenson, after a failed attempt on climbing K2, stumbled across a poor Pakistani village where he slowly regained his health. Before he left, Mortenson promised the village that he would return to build them a school. This book is about his adventures and how he came to establish the Central Asia Institute, a non-profit that has, at last count, built fifty-five schools in impoverished countries.

First Line: "Greg Mortenson was lost."

Comments: This book held an amazing story, one that needs to be shared with everyone. Greg Mortenson is an incredible person who has accomplished many great things. He has sacrificed much and completely immerses himself in the act of giving to others. Not only is this story inspiring and mind-blowing, but it teaches good lessons, too. I learned a lot about other cultures, and I was surprised at a lot of the cultural differences I came across. Mortenson was able to look past all the differences and saw children that needed education, a future, and most of all, hope. I hope to do something as great and selfless as he has.

I recommend this book for all ages. However, it's not written to please the reader; some may find the writing style boring or dry. I think you should read this book not for the enjoyment of reading but to hear the story the pages tell. Another thing: it's not like a written documentary - this book made me laugh and made me think, and reading this opened my eyes to unconditional love and emotion.

Rating: I'm afraid I can't rate this book, because it would be like rating a life story - after all, that's kind of what it is. All I can say is that I definitely recommend it.

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