Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

The three books in this trilogy are The Awakening, The Summoning, and The Reckoning, in order from first to last.

Plot: when ordinary Chloe Saunders discovers she can see ghosts and is sent to a mental home by the unbelieving hospital staff, she begins an adventure in which she will communicate with dead people, run from cruel, powerful scientists with guns, and turn into someone she could never have imagined.

First Line: "Mommy forgot to warn the new babysitter about the basement."

Comments: I loved this series! I couldn't put any of the books down. Unfortunately, I didn't have all three books at once, so I couldn't immediately continue reading (if you're a fast reader like me, I recommend that you have all three books in your possession before you start reading them). The plots in these books drew me in and captivated me. I devoured the Darkest Powers Trilogy, and I really hope there will be more!

The characters were amazing. I could imagine all of them really well (not necessarily physically, but I've never been good at that anyway), and they were definitely easy to relate to. The main characters were all so different; each has their own personality and qualities, and they are very well defined. I love Chloe and feel like I can relate to her - except for the enviable super power, of course. I admire how she doesn't let people coddle her and how independent she is. Simon is sweet and amiable, and I can imagine him as the popular guy, but personally, I perfer Derek. Derek is...complicated. I'm afraid I can't relate to him much - although I'm not sure that you're meant to. Liz is loyal and cute, and I really felt for her. Tori is rather rude and self-centered, but she goes through changes like everyone else throughout this story.

I'm amazed at the complexity and creativity of these stories. They are works of art! My favorite was the last book, The Reckoning. I didn't think the first book, The Awakening, started very quickly. In fact, the end of the first book felt almost like the beginning of the real story to me, which is partly why I was so eager to read the next book, The Summoning. Don't get me wrong - it's not like the first book was boring. No, definitely not! It was interesting and engrossing - it's just that I felt like the real adventure began more towards the end.

I absolutely recommend all three of these books! The only thing is that these novels are meant to be for teens, and there is some more mature stuff in them. However, it's nothing graphic - I'd recommend them for maybe 12 year-olds and up.

Rating: I rate this trilogy a ten out of ten!

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