Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

Plot: A man is found floating in the sea and is taken to the local doctor who works feverishly to save him. When he wakes up, the doctor is shocked to find that his patient has absolutely no memory of his past. The man travels to Switzerland on a clue and discovers his name is Jason Bourne - and that there are a lot of people that want to kill him.

Comments: This novel fascinated me. It was different and interesting, with action and romance (neither of which I necessarily enjoy) and a lot of mystery. Everything that happened made me want to keep reading to the end. There was definitely a lot of suspense, too. This is meant as an adult novel (there are explicit words and concepts), and it is, in essence, about a man trying to find out about his past and why the CIA and an infamous assassin are after him. It's not meant to be light reading, for a sunny afternoon out on the porch with a glass of lemonade. Unless that's what you like doing. Anyway, read (and recommend) with care.

Definitely a good book, with characters you can easily imagine and a unique plot. There were a lot of characters though, and I had a lot of trouble remembering all of them. There were way too many names for me, names of people mostly, but also some places. The problem for me was that there would be long, confusing dialogues filled with names - that Jason Bourne remembered later when it turned out they were important, but I didn't. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but I was always skipping back chapters to find out who a certain person was.

I love that Jason Bourne is not a total macho killing machine. This book is not focused on people killing other people. There's certainly a lot of that, but there's something sophisticated about the whole thing that changes if from an action novel to a mystery.

Rating: I rate this book a six and a half out of ten. I probably would have liked it better if I had understood more of what was going on - in which case I would have needed to remember all the names.